A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was made for the first Godot Wild Jam,


Q and E: Zoom

WASD or arrows: Move.

How to play:

You must buy towers with the icon above, place them to defend your Tower Center, repair and evolve clicking on the towers, survive the 10 waves of enemies.

Remember: Repair and evolve!

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MAC.zip 23 MB
Windows 64.zip 9 MB
Linux 64.zip 19 MB

Development log


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Liked it a lot, but couldn't pass through 4th or 5th wave cause one of the enemies was having a epileptic seizure and run away from my towers lol but great game, yet.

It is a bug, sorry xD

Good job! I like the multidirectional aspect of this tower defense game and how you have to spread out defenses on all sides. I think the pacing makes the difficulty curve a little steep, but you get a *lot* of cash from enemies so it's just responding a little more quickly to upgrades/repairs, but I was reasonably challenged! Some of the enemy movements felt a bit jittery too - not sure if that was a bug. Great work!